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Tip of the Week

Motor Storage Tips: Part 2

Proper motor storage is critical if we hope to achieve normal life expectancy from our electric motors. Not only is proper motor storage important for good motor health, it may be required to maintain a warranty on motors that we purchase.The last tip (Motor Storage Tips: Part 1) focused on Storage Preparation. This week we will focus on Storage Maintenance..

Storage Preparation:

• Every two months measure and record insulation resistance to ground
• Ball and roller element bearing shafts should be manually rotated every two months
• For oil bath bearings the oil level should be inspected monthly and the shaft should be rotated at least 30 revolutions to re-circulate the oil
• Replace the oil in oil bath bearings every 12 months
• Motors with brushes should be inspected to ensure the brushes are not in contact with the slip rings or commutators


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Motor Storage Tips: Part 2
August 13, 2018
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