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Don't Forget Efficiency

When faced with an opportunity to replace or repair an older motor, reliability may be your number one variable, but don’t forget efficiency. Remember to verify that you have the necessary information on your nameplate to perform an Energy Cost Analysis report on your motor. Nameplate Efficiency, Power Factor, and Service Factor are items useful for efficiency, speed, and torque calculations in MCEGold®. The Energy Cost Analysis feature allows you to compare the payback period between repairing vs. replacing your existing motor with a new higher efficiency motor. MCEGold offers a significant advantage in that it already knows the environment that the new high efficiency motor will run in, offering a much more accurate assessment rather than just a nameplate to nameplate comparison. Short term return on investment is often not as good as desired, but long term pay back on efficiency can be impressive.

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Don't Forget Efficiency
February 11, 2019
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