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Not Just an In-Rush

You have heard us many times discussing the effectiveness of an In-Rush/Start-Up test as a critical piece of information in assessing a variety of potential anomalies in components such as the stator, rotor, power, and load. Capturing the In-Rush/Start-Up during the start of an electric motor allows the capture of data when the motor is under extreme stress and more likely to expose anomalies. Less often discussed is that the In-Rush/Start-Up test can also be instrumental in identifying mechanical and load related defects during routine scheduled testing. The enveloping feature of the In-Rush/Start-Up test taken during steady state gives a direct look into the load fluctuations of the motor being tested. Having a baseline of the expected load characteristics for a motor provides a very easy comparison for early identification of even subtle changes in these load characteristics which could be early indications of developing faults.

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Not Just an In-Rush
July 27, 2015
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