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MCEGold® utilizes the latest technology to improve the communication between plant maintenance and corporate management. This innovative software enables management to access and view test data and reports in their own system. MCEGold® offers user-friendly options that allow managers to create “watchlists” and view all motors and their conditions instantly. Reporting is easier than ever with the automatic creation of easy-to-understand reports and the message center allows for straightforward communication between technicians and management. The status of critical motors/assets can be updated while communicating information in its entirety. MCEGold® enables communication with multiple databases using MSDE and SQL servers. The software can also convert data to XML format, a platform-independent technology, and can export and integrate 3rd party applications or create PDF documents. MCEGold® streamlines communication within an organization, whether from plant to plant or person to person.

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Concentric and Lap Wound Windings Effect on a RIC

September 29, 2014
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Power Circuit Fault Zone
Power Quality Fault Zone
Rotor Fault Zone
Stator Fault Zone
Air Gap Fault Zone
Insulation Fault Zone
Quality Assurance
Insulation Case Study


Simulating Insulation Systems Under Various Environmental Conditions
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Combining Static and Dynamic Testing - Preventing a Motor Catastrophe
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Motor Efficiency and Fault Zone Analysis
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Motor Repair or Replacement? The Green Solution
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PdMA® Corporation Releases MCEGold® 2.6.2
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Announcing the New M-Series MCEMAX® Tester
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PdMA® Corporation Releases MCEGold® 2.6.1
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2014 Training Schedule Posted
The PdMA® training schedule for 2013 has been posted.
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2012 Best Maintenance Reliability Program Winner
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Introducing MTAP3
The affordable MTAP3 offers the ability to safely capture data in many of the smallest enclosures where the MTAP2® cannot be installed.
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