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H2 + O = Water

Water Needs Oxygen Too. Do you know your biological oxygen demand?  This case study from a pulp and paper mill in Columbia takes a look at a pump that provides oxygen to the water. The pump was in trouble, but what was the problem? Click on the Water Drop Button below to view the case study and follow the motor analysis to its conclusion.

Water Needs Oxygen Too



Some Like it Hot, But Not This Hot!

Hot? How hot is too hot? What happens to insulation when the motor gets too hot? What happens to the motor life when the motor gets too hot? How do you determine if it’s too hot? Answer: Testing, trending, and taking necessary action. Watch this case study to see the effect heat has on insulation and motors and how to be pro-active in order to reduce lost dollars.

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Hot Flames


Case Study - The Dreaded Saturday Call
How do you want to spend your Saturday morning? Pursuing your favorite activity or answering the dreaded Saturday morning phone call? View this case study to learn the story of The Dreaded Saturday Call and how it can be avoided if proper quality assurance motor testing takes place. Click on the image below to start the video.

Dreaded Saturday Call


Safe and Easy
It is safe, but there is nothing easy about donning all of the required personal protection equipment necessary to perform online electric motor testing. Helmet with face shield, goggles, two pair of gloves (rubber and leather), long-sleeves these all take time to put it on and they are bulky when you try to maneuver in small, cramped spaces.

Are you interested in an easier, quicker, but still safe, way to test electric motors online that doesn’t involve suiting up? Click on the Electrical Safety image below to view our safety presentation for an answer.

Safe and Easy



PdMA Corporation
is the leader in the field of predictive maintenance, condition monitoring applications, and the development of electric motor test equipment for motor circuit analysis. Companies across the globe trust our reliability solutions, products, and services.

PdMA Corporation has developed these portable motor testers:

All testers are designed to trend the condition of AC induction, synchronous, wound rotor, and DC motors and their circuits. They track, trend and monitor the six fault zones: power quality, power circuit, stator, rotor, insulation, and air gap.


VFD Considerations - Part 3
October 5, 2015
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Fault Zones
Power Circuit Fault Zone
Power Quality Fault Zone
Rotor Fault Zone
Stator Fault Zone
Air Gap Fault Zone
Insulation Fault Zone

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2014 Best Asset Condition Management Program Winner
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2015 Training Schedule Posted
The PdMA® training schedule for 2015 has been posted.
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PdMA® Corporation Releases MCEGold® 2.6.2
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Announcing the New M-Series MCEMAX® Tester
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PdMA® Corporation Releases MCEGold® 2.6.1
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2012 Best Maintenance Reliability Program Winner
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Introducing MTAP3
The affordable MTAP3 offers the ability to safely capture data in many of the smallest enclosures where the MTAP2® cannot be installed.
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